Boston Police Continue Their War On Journalism

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and across America you have the right to record video and audio of public officials in a public place. Yet, when exercising that right you can be victimized verbally or physically by police. This is not a new trend, many individuals have been kidnapped and caged for simply recording.

But what can be said about bringing charges on individuals who want to bring transparency to government? Are journalists really a threat? Perhaps when the control of information is in the hands of the public rather than the central scrutinizer, it is.

What can only be conceived of as an effort to discourage individuals from facilitating police accountability, the Boston Police Department has brought charges on Carlos Miller (Photography Is Not A Crime) and Taylor Hardy.

Maybe we can call or email Richardson
to persuade her to drop the charges against Hardy considering she
should assume all her conversations with reporters are on the record
unless otherwise stated. Her listed number is (617) 343-4520.

So because of a suggested call flood to a public servant to weigh in on Taylors wiretapping charge, Carlos has been charged with Witness Intimidation. And here is a threat against anyone else who decided to call Richardson;

Detective Nick Moore also assured me he would do the same to any PINAC readers if they continue to contact departmental spokeswoman Angelene Richardson as they have been doing since yesterday.

“I can go and get warrants for every person who called her,” he said during a telephone conversation earlier this evening. “It’s an annoyance. It’s an act of intimidation.”

The scheduled hearing for Nov. 14, 2013 will be rescheduled to the 22nd of November; That gives the internet one more week to expose what the kings men are all about.

Encourage People To Contact the Boston Police Department’s Bureau of Public Information?  That’s A Jailin’.

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Boston Police Backlash Against Recorded Phone Call To Face Test

Boston Police Department Claims Contacting Its Public Affairs Number Is A Criminal Act

*If you want to help Carlos and Taylor you can donate to their legal fund.


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