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Free Talk Live

Talk radio YOU control!

Is it a conservative talk show? No.

Is it a liberal talk show? No.

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What Free Talk Live is, is a Pro-Freedom call in show that will discuss any issue YOU want to talk about.

Being broadcast on 100+ stations nation-wide and available 24/7 for download or streaming. Free Talk Live is a philosophically consistent show that will entertain, inform, and provoke thought.

Go to the Free Talk Live archives to access all of their content for free!

If you have a Reddit account you can submit show prep content that you think is important. The submitted content can be voted up or down by other listeners like you.

Free Talk Live is supported by listeners like you via their AMP program (Advertise, Market, Promote) to help them spread the message of liberty far and wide. It is thanks to this program that they can offer more to their listeners such as the 24/7 stream, live webcam, upgraded the quality of the audio and even launching a satellite channel.

You can listen live 7 nights a week from 7pm to 10pm EST or watch on the webcam and join the chat room or find them on your local affiliate radio station

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